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Widely regarded as one of the world’s best islands, Bali is home to some of the most healthy coral cover in the region. From the Liberty wreck in Tulamben, to sharks in Padang Bai and Mola Mola and Manta in Nusa Penida, there’s something for every type of diver. Enjoy your dives in the crystal clear waters, then indulge in all that Bali has to offer, from its rich food culture and history, to picturesque mountains and a vibrant night life. You can’t ask more of a dive trip!

Our most advanced diver training centre, Bali offers a wide range of diving experiences, from strong currents, to muck and wreck diving. All the better to provide the learning experience you need to grow as a diver.

Bali Day Trips

Come dive Bali with Livingseas and explore more in a different way!

  • Regular Padang Bai and Nusa Penida day trips available
  • 3 dives each day, with free nitrox
  • Backplate rentals available
  • Enjoy a nice cooked lunch after your dives at a cosy beachside restaurant
  • Back to the hotel by 3pm, in time for some rest and a nice dinner out on the town

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  • Accommodations
  • IDR550k per room per night
  • Stay at Dewi Villa Padangbai
  • Breakfast and diving transfers included
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  • Nusa Penida
  • IDR1800k per person per day
  • 2 dives and nitrox on all dives
  • Lunch and shower facilities included
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Beautiful Bali is a great place and we can’t bear to leave it worse than when we found it. In line with that, we’ve embarked on multiple efforts to help preserve the underwater environment of Bali’s water.

Coral Planting Project in Padang Bai

Caring for the environment is a core value of Livingseas. We run regular conservation projects to preserve the marine environment.

For this Coral Planting Project, divers are given the opportunity to set up Reef Stars made from metal on the seabed.

Broken corals lying on the seabed are rescued and will be transferred and tied to the Reef Stars to encourage coral growth.

This provides an elevated platform for efficient nutrient absorption of the broken corals from water movements during tide change.

The itinerary for the Coral Planting Project is as follows:

・ Dive 1 – Setting up Reef Stars on the seabed in Padang Bai
・ Dive 2 – Leisure dive at other sites in Padang Bai to retrieve broken corals to be planted
・ Dive 3 – Setting broken corals (retrieved from Dive 2) on Reef Stars and Reef Gardening*

*Reef Gardening
Cleaning up the reef from rubbish, broken branches and brushing off sand on corals as well as overturning corals right side up.

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The Living Seas Open Water Course
The Living Seas Advanced Open Water Course
The Living Seas GUE Fundamentals Course

Double Tank Workshop

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Stay longer underwater and not have to worry about your gas consumption!

The Livingseas Double Tank Workshop teaches divers how a manifolded double setup works to provide redundancy and extra gas for your dives.

The workshop includes gaining stability when diving doubles, performing the valve drill, and understanding valve failures.

Priced at SGD 250, the workshop includes the gear required to dive doubles, a 1 hour theory session, and a 3 hour pool session.

The workshop can also be conducted over a day of diving. Trip price not included.

Buoyancy, Trim and Propulsion Workshop

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Learn to dive like a fish! Stay stable and comfortable in the water, without moving your legs or arms.

The Livingseas Buoyancy, Trim and Propulsion Workshop gets divers in a flat trim and neutral buoyancy, with minimal movement in the legs and arms.

We get into detail about the 9 ways that divers can move in the water, and how to manage each using a proper equipment setup and the various propulsion techniques.

Priced at SGD 150, the workshop includes the use of a backplate and wing system, a 1 hour theory session, and a 3 hour pool session.

The workshop can also be conducted over a day of diving. Trip price not included.

ProNRC Nitrox Course


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